Alpha Football Intelligence

Developing Confidence and Creativity in young football players since January 2014  

Alpha Football Intelligence (A.F.I) was co-founded in January 2014 by Lance Johnson and Daniel Miller. We are  a community football club based in the London borough of Islington.

As well as our dedicated team working behind the scenes to ensure the club is very well organised and efficiently run, we have a team of Specialist Youth Coaches who are all F.A qualified,  CRB/DBS checked and first aid trained.

We believe our dedication to deliver Academy Level football coaching at community prices makes us the right choice for parents looking for a grass-roots football club for their child.

Consistently reliable and very friendly coaches all carry the same beliefs and values as Alpha Football. These are clearly outlined and communicated with all parents, players and coaches.

What can you expect from

Alpha Football Sessions?


The Environment 

Managing mistakes can be essential to the building or damaging of confidence in young children.

 Alpha Football coaches manage mistakes in a positive way, by letting young players self correct through trail and error and giving positive praise as opposed to highlighting negatives, we create and maintain a positive ethos throughout all  Alpha Football Sessions.

The Practice


The main reason children play football is because they enjoy it.

Each practice has a clear learning focus designed to meet the needs of the players. 

In every practice a  specialist coach delivers  fun activities to develop Fundamental   movements such as

Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed.

The Player


Developing confident and creative players takes attention to detail. By setting achievable challenges, tailored to the individual players ability we help them gain confidence.

Various coaching styles are used by the coaches, who identify which style works best with individual players. This helps the coaching of  the individual player become as effective as possible.